What is the Real Agenda?

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I often get (or see) questions from people who seem to be at least curious as to what might be going on regarding COVID-19. They see many people talking about agendas and "conspiracies" and they are not sure what to believe, but they are prepared to at least start investigating things for themselves rather than relying on mainstream media and other official sources. For some, this is called "waking up". Call it what you want, but we need more of it. There is nothing healthier for a free society than asking questions, demanding transparent answers, and ultimately thinking for yourself.

It's sometimes hard to articulate the motivation behind certain actions. I often hear things like "surely they (politicians and public officials) would prefer the economy to be booming and to not have to be dealing with this". Of course that is seemingly common sense thinking, but really it's just surface level thinking without any real thought behind it. The first thing we need to remember is that the one thing Government's care about more than anything else is power. This is just a plain fact of life and it doesn't take a history class to prove this, though you can see it at every juncture since the beginning of recorded human history. It's why political campaigns will stop at nothing to get elected. If you look at the current situation around the globe, government's have more power than they have had in generations, if not centuries. I can't overstate how important that is to understanding the current political climate. Crisis is great for power, it just is. The more crisis there is, the more control people are willing to yield to government to allow them to fix it. Currently we have Covid-19, climate change, racial issues and social justice which together, allow for a never ending cycle of crisis and emergency that needs to be solved by government. Also, in times of crisis, people have a natural tendency to more blindly look to current leadership to solve the problems and we look at them less critically. It's why incumbent government's tend to have soaring public approval in times of crisis. You can see it in polling, and we just saw it in elections. New Zealand just elected their incumbent Prime Minister to a majority government, something that hadn't happened for decades there. Closer to home, NB and BC just elected their incumbent Premiers to new terms with majority governments. Let's just state the obvious - if government's have the most power they have ever had (in their lifetime), have endless crisis to exploit to maintain this, have naturally soaring public approval and due to states of emergency, limited to no accountability, would you really expect anything different to happen? It's in their best interest to maintain the status quo. It's all the more obvious when endless experts are using real data to contradict many government actions as it pertains to COVID-19, which are nearly universally ignored. These instances are damning evidence that heavy handed restrictions and lockdown measures are not based on scientific evidence, risk assessment or the public good and they certainly aren't being used as a last resort.

George Orwell - 1984George Orwell - 1984

Now, that is all a bit vague. Let's remember that Provincial officials ultimately will be running lockstep with their Federal counterparts. Politics is a massive bureaucratic maze at the best of times and you can be assured someone like Dr Strang won't be doing or saying anything that's not in line with Public Health Canada aka Dr Theresa Tam. Why do you think you see the same government sponsored propaganda all over the Province/Country/World regarding things like "Be Kind, Wear a Mask". Do you believe it's a coincidence that "independent" jurisdictions all over the world have mysteriously concluded that wearing a mask means you are kind, therefore implying those who don't are not kind? The definition of propaganda is "the dissemination of information used to influence public opinion. Deliberateness and a relatively heavy emphasis on manipulation distinguish propaganda from casual conversation or the free and easy exchange of ideas." There are literally billboards in Halifax, paid for by the Provincial Government, that make statements about kindness and mask wearing. This is classic propaganda in its most basic form. It's using emotional terminology to manipulate public opinion and has nothing to do with fact. The appropriate thing for a government to do would be to simply state the policy on masking, but instead they use these techniques to subconsciously manipulate the way people think about it. It's why "anti-maskers" are often treated like lepers. It's precisely what they want and it is working exactly as designed. Psychological manipulation 101, easily researched.

So what's the real end game? What's going on here? It would appear their hand is beginning to be shown more openly. We have all seen politics become more and more polarized over the last few years and it seems to be accelerating. Those on the left are increasingly favouring more and more socialist heavy policies fueled by the equity doctrine and identity politics aka progressivism. Those on the right battle the new left by moving more to the right which tends to be more nationalistic in nature. Have you ever thought long and hard about why society is more fragmented and divided now than ever before? Global society is more rich with the least amount of poverty, racism and inequality than ever before in human history. That's not to say these things have been abolished, of course they have not and never will be. But to suggest that there was ever a time in human history that it would have been better than the present to be black, gay, trans, female or any other "intersectional" identity you wish to include, then you simply don't know what you're talking about and have no knowledge of history in even the most basic regard. So again, why are we more divided now with racial tensions through the roof etc...? Let's define a couple of things before we proceed:

Equity - Treating people differently to achieve a desired result. This is commonly referred to as equality of outcome.

Equality - Treating people the same to remove barriers of opportunity. Commonly referred to as equality of opportunity.

Intersectionality - The interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.

Equality is something basically everyone agrees with. Everyone, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation etc... should be afforded the same opportunity to get an education, employment, health care and ultimately achieve their goals. There is no doubt that we have come a long way as it pertains to equality over the last several decades. Society is objectively more equal than it has ever been in history.

What you will notice now though, is that you won't often hear the term "equality" used anymore, it's been transformed to "equity". Equity is a very different beast. Rather than focusing on removing systemic barriers in order to give people the same opportunities to make their own choices in like (equality), equity actually aims to make the choices for people, and then back tracks through the system to figure out how to make that happen. Equity cares not about opportunities and individual choices, equity cares about outcomes, which treats everyone differently to get to the desired result. Let me provide a real world example to make it more clear:

Equality - In 2017 in Canada, women made up 4.4% of all firefighters but are about 50% of the population. Immediately, we wonder why closer to 50% of women aren't firefighters as the population suggest. The goal of equality is to remove barriers to entry so that women feel they can freely make the choice to be a firefighter if that's what they want to do. This could include education within the firefighting industry to reduce sexual harassment as well as to the public at large to this type of job is not engrained as a male job in society. As you move through time after policies have been implemented to remove these barriers, you would expect to see more female firefighters, up to the point where there simply aren't more women that wish to be firefighters. The goal isn't to get to 50% women just for the sake of it, it's simply to remove barriers to ensure those who want to be a firefighter, can be just as easily as a man, if that's what they choose. Ultimately, people's choice and their merit will determine if they pursue that career. Ultimately though, those recruiting for firefighters will hire those who are best suited for the role (best test scores, education, great interview, physically fit etc...). means you get the job if you are the most qualified, ie: meritocracy.

Equity - The goal of equity is to implement whatever policies necessary to ensure much closer to 50% females occupy firefighter positions since that's their proportion in the population. To not achieve 50% means there are inequities that need to be addressed. Equity typically starts out as equality and then transforms to more radical approaches when the desired outcomes are not achieved. Equity doesn't care or "believe" that people of different sexes, races, orientations etc... might make different decisions based on these biological factors and therefore forces policy to achieve outcomes. For example, under equity doctrine, those who are hired to be a firefighter will not necessarily be the ones most qualified for the role (meritocracy is far less important). Instead, candidates must simply meet a minimum threshold and then will be hired so they can fill a quota, of sorts. Let's say a fire department is due to hire 20 firefighters. Under equality, barriers have been removed so people feel they can pursue this career if they want to, but you will still only get the job if you are the best fit for the job. In this example, let's assume the department hired 16 men and 4 women based on all criteria for the role. Under equity, there would be, say, 10 (or even more to balance out the existing imbalance) positions that are being held for women only. So 10 men and 10 women are hired. Unfortunately what that means is that 6 men were not hired who were actually more qualified than 6 of the women that got hired. As a result, we now have a higher percentage of women (yay equity) but a less skilled fire department. I think you can see the issues with this. This is the function of all the fun new positions you see popping up in companies all over the world, such as "Diversity and Inclusion Officer".

It's worth noting that in Scandinavian countries, which are objectively the most egalitarian nations on Earth, there are actually even more extreme differences between the jobs men and women take. For example, even less women are firefighters than in North America, because women prefer different types of roles to men. We aren't the same. There ARE significant biological gender differences. Equity is precisely contrary to human nature, all in the name of progressivism and "Building Back Better".

Intersectionality is essentially all the different identity groups you belong to. If you are a black woman who is gay, liberal and christian, these are all of your intersectional identities (of course there are endless intersections, and that's the point). The reason these social justice buzz terms have been pushed so hard over the last couple of years is two fold. First, it means that our individuality becomes irrelevant, thus making our identity groups supreme. It's not hard verify this, you can see it playing out in society everyday. Turn on the television and watch just about any channel for 30 mins. On OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) it's a constant barrage of messaging around racial injustice for black people. Just about every show, movie and commercial on the network pushes the same message over and over. I watched CTV periodically for a couple days recently as it was the only channel the rabbit ears at the cottage I was staying at could get. It was bad. 90% of the news was focused on the inequity between identity groups, even the cooking show I watched was themed around Pride. It's constant, over and over and over, day after day on basically every channel, radio station, webcast etc... Repetition is the most basic and successful form of psychological manipulation. The western society we all grew up in was built on individual responsibility. If you work hard and be a good person, good things will happen. We built society that way because when you suppress the importance of individuality, what's left is tribalism, and that's caused nothing but violence and death since the beginning of time. Sound familiar? Everything is framed around race, religion, gender etc... If someone is shot by the police, the headline is "black man shot my police" rather than "man shot by police" or "person shot by police". Intersectionality means we have nothing in common and continues to further subdivide us. Divide and conquer, it's literally the oldest trick in the book and we are falling for it hand over fist. Perhaps because it's easier to rely on a group than take responsibility for our own actions and our own shortcomings.

Now let's move on to some hard facts that tie everything together. I typically don't venture into these topics but given COVID-19 is highly political, sometimes there is no choice to talk about the broader subjects if you want to make sense of what's happening around us. COVID-19 is another crisis that can, and is being leveraged to continuously promulgate the progressive agenda. Note something very important - the US mainstream media is not unbias or independent. They are owed mainly by 5 people/companies. 5. Here is a short summary (detailed information HERE):

National Amusements (Owner: Redstone Family, Net Worth $3B, Politically Left) - Parent company to ViacomCBS (merged several years ago) which also includes Showcase, BET, MTV, Nickelodeon, TV Guide + many more

Walt Disney Company (CEO: Bob Iger, Annual Earnings $47.5M, Politcally Left with the exception of the Marvel Chairman) - Disney, A&E, ABC, ESPN, Vice, Marvel, Lifetime, Touchstone Pictures, Sky UK, National Geographic + many more

AT&T (CEO: John T. Stankey, Annual Earnings $20M+, Politically Left) - Parent Company to Time Warner which includes CNN, TNT, TBS, Warner Bros, DirectTV, Cartoon, HBO + many more

Fox Corporation (Owner: Rupert Murdoch, Net Worth $17B, Politically Right) - NewsCorp (Wall Street Journal, New York Post & more), 21st Century Fox, Fox News, Fox Sports, Fox Broadcasting

Comcast (Owner: Roberts Family, CEO: Ralph Roberts, Net Worth $1.7B, Politically Left) - NBC, MSNBC, DreamWorks Pictures, Bravo, NHL Network, MLB Network + many more

Aldous Huxley - Brave New WorldAldous Huxley - Brave New World

You can see this political bias throughout media coverage, that much I don't think anyone disagrees with. However, I don't think most of us expect to see our top public health official using COVID-19 to further an activist, progressive political agenda. Yet here we are. Dr Theresa Tam just released her annual report, the title says it all: "From risk to resilience: An equity approach to COVID-19" It's a lengthy read, but the summary is simply about pushing for societal change in every way. Reading it, you forget that it's meant to be about COVID-19. Anthony Furey at The Toronto Sun summarizes it well here. This is where you can really see the agenda start coming to light. You will also hear the slogan "Build Back Better" with subtitles about "resiliency" and "sustainability" washing throughout Government conjecture. It is a term coined by the United Nations, used by the OECD, stated multiple times by Trudeau during the recent speech from the throne, touted by Joe Biden and even Conservative leader of the UK, Boris Johnson. When you start doing your own research on why these global similarities keep popping up, it's very obvious it isn't a coincidence. It's not possible for multiple leaders all over the world to independently come up with slogans like "Build Back Better". It all means the same thing. The Great Reset.

The Great Reset is an agenda established by The World Economic Forum to radically change our society, there is no other way to put it, and they don't hide it. They have a famous short video from 2016 that quotes "You will own nothing, have no privacy and never be happier". The WEF is an organization made up of the richest and most powerful people on earth. They do what's best for them, they always have. If we don't own anything, who will? Them of course. They get to own it all. Weird how that works, isn't it? The recent trend of violence, division, racial tensions and now COVID-19 restrictions that continue to defy science and common sense all continue to point in one direction, as does the actual rhetoric coming out of governments all over the world - a radical changing of society. If you think this will be anything but good for the ultra rich and bad for you and I, please just do some research, that's all I ask. Then you have the last function to tie this all together - The UN Sustainable Development Plan. This is key to the globalist agenda that I have laid out for you here, and that the World Economic Forum's Great Reset builds from. You have to think more critically about this one though as if you just read it, it all sounds very, well, utopian. Surely it's what we all want, right? For example, the first goal is "No Poverty". Sounds great, but it's not possible. You simply cannot lift 100% of the people out of poverty without drastically changing society. Wealth and resources are finite. The final product would be a world that has eradicated the middle class. Everyone in every country would live to the same, low standards whilst the elite continue to enrich themselves. It's not hard to envision really. That's what happens in socialist/communist nations already, and since the beginning of time. When you plan an economy and remove freedom and free markets, you kill ingenuity, creativity and any financial motivation to improve and innovate. Remember, whilst there will always be poverty, the poor are far less poor than they were 50 years ago. That's progress, things take time but are you willing to continue following the current course of action which will see you lose much of the lifestyle afforded to you and your family currently?

Everything from equity to social justice, climate change and COVID-19 will continue to be used as levers to redistribute wealth and transform society. It will ultimately mean less freedom for us, more money and control for them. These are basic facts, not some conspiracy I have made up or am building upon. Do the research yourself. I have provided enough links here to keep you busy for a while. Come to your own conclusions, but make sure it is your own and not simply what government and the mainstream media are touting. They are the 1% and this is their agenda. Be an individual with critical thought. Your identity group only matters if you let it matter, otherwise it doesn't, and hasn't. We live in an amazing society that continues to improve life for everyone, The Great Reset will destroy life as we know it for the 99%. COVID-19 is just another tool they have learned to use to get there.

The silent majority can be silent no more, or the new normal will be all that's left.