Due to concerns with increasing levels of censorship across social media platforms, I have setup a database to collect email addresses. In the event anything happens to the inFACT Facebook page or Twitter account, the goal is to have an easy way to continue communicating with all of you that make inFACT possible!

All you need to do is CLICK HERE then enter your email and click SUBSCRIBE. That will send your email address to the database, where I can access it to connect with you in the event inFACT is censored on social media. It will also allow me to communicate any new platforms you can find inFACT content on, if that proves a necessity at any point. Options are one or all of - Discord, Telegram, MeWe (inFACT has no account on any of these platforms as yet, but can quickly be set up if the need arises).

This website will remain active regardless so you can always visit here directly to access daily updates etc... This website is hosted privately so will not be taken down. The email subscribe option is now, as you can see, also here on the website right between the DONATE button and the Facebook feed frame on each page.

Please add your email just to be safe so we can stay connected if the worst occurs.

Thanks everyone!