This is a topic I covered back on April 23, linked HERE ‌where I reported on a study done in the US that concluded there was no additional benefit to strict lock downs over simple social distancing.

Fast forward to today and find this article by The Spectator, linked HERE  that compares the Swedish response to that of the UK.

I won't offer any further commentary as the article is very thorough, other than to say perhaps providing the facts to the public and letting people use their own common sense is an approach worth considering rather than strict government enforced lock downs that currently haven't been empirically proven to work over and above social distancing anyway. It's also further proof that pretty much every model done on the impacts of COVID-19 was devastatingly wrong. Hopefully many things are learned from this that can be applied in the future.

UK (Lock down) - 469 deaths per 1M population

Sweden (No Lock down) - 319 deaths per 1M population

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