Given the data I have compiled and commented on, this article feels very much worth of sharing and very much articulates what I feel the data has suggested, but also touches heavily on the long term consequences of economic shut down, which is well backed by UN data as released by the UN over the last couple weeks. It is authored by a practicing physician and is based on Quebec's recent announcement that they are preparing to reopen their economy.

"I’m concerned that the health effects of this economic shut-down will extend well past the time when we will remember the coronavirus actually happened. I’m worried we have traded a short-term epidemic for a long-term one, with potentially greater consequences."

"Instead of using a hammer to “flatten the curve,” we can use what we know now to refine that strategy by redirecting quarantine measures and support toward those people who are the most vulnerable — the elderly and chronically ill — while also supporting economic stability."

"I fear we have not properly been taking into account the costs to us, both economic and human. Failing to do this accounting wisely is trading one epidemic which may last months for another one which will impact generations."

Montreal Gazette Article

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