As my recent post indicated, I have decided that a fresh month is as good a time as any to begin transitioning inFACT away from daily COVID-19 updates into delving deeper (albeit less regularly) into the issues. Here is what you can expect going forward:
- Short daily update (whenever possible) - likely just mentioning new cases in NS with the link to the press release. The main purpose of this will be to ensure there is still a space where you can all congregate daily to discuss the update
- Summary of Press Conferences (when possible) to capture any new restrictions etc...
- Detailed Weekly "Round-up". This will look similar to the current daily update including the visuals, international and Atlantic Bubble Update etc...
- Detailed, in-depth articles focused on the facts of COVID-19 locally and around the world and where this could all end up
- At some point I will likely create a Facebook inFACT "Group" so you don't have to wait for a post from me to be able to comment. You can all post at your leisure in a group to generate your own discussion

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Nova Scotia Update:
0 new deaths (65 total)
0 new hospitalizations (0 current)
0 new ICU cases (0 current)
16 new cases (1305 total)
3054 tests done
2 new recoveries (1102 total)
138 active cases (89.4% are officially concluded)

New Brunswick Update:
0 new deaths (7 total)
0 new hospitalizations (0 current)
0 new ICU cases (0 current)
6 new cases (501 total)
5 new recoveries (374 total)
120 active cases (76% are officially concluded)

PEI Update:
0 new deaths (0 total)
0 new cases (72 total)
0 new recoveries (68 total)
4 active cases (94.4% are officially concluded)

Newfoundland Update:
0 new deaths (4 total)
0 new hospitalizations (0 current)
0 new ICU cases (0 current)
1 new case (338 total)
1 new recovery (298 total)
36 active cases (89.3% are officially concluded)

Ontario Update:
8 new deaths (3656 total, 86 max April 30)
618 total hospitalizations (+32, 1043 max May 5)
168 total ICU cases (+12, 264 max April 9)
108 patients on ventilator (+9)
1746 new cases (116492 total, 1855 max Nov 27)
39406 tests done (4.43% positive, 58037 max Nov 27)
1320 new recoveries (98639 total)
14197 active cases (52% under age 40, 10.4% over 70, 87.8% officially concluded)

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There are 23 new cases in the Atlantic Bubble today, 6 in NB, 16 in NS, 1 in NFLD; NS reports 2 recoveries, NB reports 5, NFLD reports 1. Ontario numbers are updated. 2 of the new cases in NB are in zone 1 (Moncton), 2 are in zone 2 (St John) and 1 in zone 6 (Bathurst), all are under investigation. The last case is in zone 3 (Fredericton) and is travel related. In NS, 15 of the new cases are in Central Zone. The other is a school-based case and was reported last night, Nov. 29, and is connected to the Northeast Kings Education Centre in Canning, Kings. Co., in Western Zone. In NFLD, the new case is a close contact of a previous case. This means there are 4 active cases in PEI, 138 in NS, 120 in NB and 32 in NFLD. In NS, 53/65 (82%) NS deaths are from Northwood and 57/65 (88%) are from long term care in general (11 different facilities have reported cases, none have an active case). Yesterday, 3054 tests were completed with 16 new cases reported.

From the Press Release:
“We continue to see strong interest in the asymptomatic pop-up rapid testing locations, which shows Nova Scotians, including young Nova Scotians, are taking this virus seriously," said Premier Stephen McNeil. "I want to thank all who have come out for a test, as well as the volunteers and health staff at the sites. We are also seeing impressive test numbers at the labs, a reflection of the hard work of staff there. These are important pieces of our collective effort to contain the virus.”

There were 628 tests administered at the rapid-testing pop-up site in Dartmouth yesterday and six positive results. The individuals were directed to self-isolate and have been referred for a standard test.

"The Town of Wolfville announced a few days ago that an experimental research has detected COVID-19 in the town’s wastewater," said Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia's chief medical officer of health. "Although it is not definitive, it could be a sign that COVID-19 has found its way into that community. We have increased our capacity for testing at the primary assessment centre in the area and have set up a pop-up rapid testing location for asymptomatic people in Wolfville today, Nov. 30.”

NOTE: There was an error in the daily case release on Friday, Nov. 27, regarding the number of new cases of COVID-19. 8 new cases of COVID-19 should have been reported on Nov. 27, not 9.

Outbreak at Dieppe adult residential facility is over

Public Health has declared the COVID-19 outbreak at Oasis Residence, an adult residential facility in Dieppe, officially over today. On Nov. 19, an outbreak was declared at Oasis Residence, which has 66 residents and 38 employees, following a confirmed COVID-19 case at the facility. In total, the outbreak consisted of only one case. All staff and residents of the facility were re-tested several times to confirm the end of the outbreak, which has been officially declared over by Dr. Mariane Pâquet, regional medical officer of health.

Case at Harrison Trimble High School

On Sunday, Nov. 29, a positive case of COVID-19 was confirmed at Harrison Trimble High School in Moncton. The school community has been notified. No significant impact on learning is anticipated and, unless advised by Public Health, students should return to school. At this time, no student-to-student transmission has been determined in any school. If you or a family member have been in close contact with this case, you will be notified by Public Health for contact tracing. If you do not hear directly from Public Health, you have not been identified as a close contact

- NS has 65 deaths, making the death rate 65/1M population
- NB has 7 deaths, their rate is 9/1M
- PEI has 0 deaths
- NFLD has 4 deaths, their rate is 7.7/1M
- ON has 3656 deaths, their rate is 251/1M
- Canada's rate sitting at 319/1M
- Global rate is 187.9/1M
- US rate is 810/1M
- Austria rate is 359/1M
- Australia is 36/1M
- Spain is 952/1M
- Sweden is 653/1M

Notable points for today:
- Spain reported 0 deaths yesterday for an increase of 0%. They don't report on weekends.
- Austria reports 79 deaths for an increase of 2.54%.
- Australia reports 1 death for an increase of 0.11%. 32/33 days have no deaths.
- The rate of increase in Canada is 0.47% with 56 deaths (12 QC, 24 ON, 11 MB, 9 AB). 2 week rolling avg is 0.67%.
- The US rate of increase is 0.31%. 49/74 days are at/under a 0.45% increase, 12 of them at/under 0.2%.
- Sweden's 14 day rolling average daily increase is 0.39%.

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