Northwood has updated their data, and I can confirm their case data is in fact 1 day behind, as they reported 6 new cases, which is what was confirmed by Strang yesterday for Northwood. As I thought, it actually means some of the data is a day behind and some of it isn't, which is worse than all of it being a day behind as far as getting accurate numbers goes. For the purposes of the bar chart, I have just assumed the data is all up to date as doing it any other way is no more accurate. It still allows the trends to show, and the active cases in and out of LTC will still be accurate as that data is given by the province and not reliant on Northwood data directly. It may mean you see some odd, minor fluctuations in the recovery numbers but I think most people are only focusing on the active cases anyway. As far as the daily case graph, I have adjusted the data so now yesterday shows 6/8 cases as Northwood, but what this will mean is the current day will always show as all cases being outside Northwood, until the following day.

Facility cases (total): 338 (+6 new)

Total cases: 241 (+6 new)
Active cases: 25 (no change)
Recoveries: 167 (+6 new)
Deaths: 49 (no change)

Total cases: 97 (no change)
Active cases: 9 (6 less)
Recoveries: 88 (+6 new)

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