April 28 COVID-19 Update

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Nova Scotia Update:
3 new deaths
0 new hospitalizations
0 new ICU cases
15 new cases (915 total)
483 tests done
13 more people recovered (522 total)
366 active cases (decrease of 1, 40% of cases are active, 60% are concluded)

NS has 3 new deaths today, all from the Northwood LTC facility. 21/27 NS deaths are from Northwood and 25/27 are from long term care in general (10 different facilities are reporting cases). As it stands, 93% of deaths and 34% of all cases (313/915) are from long term care facilities. Outside of LTC, NS continues to perform very well day after day. Yesterday, 483 tests were completed with 15 new cases reported. That itself is absolutely amazing news and the continued low number of tests daily can only mean that the target group is shrinking significantly (far fewer people calling to report symptoms). A note, 60% of ALL cases since day 1 are now concluded, and this number is still increasing daily.

  • NS has 27 deaths, making the death rate 27/1M population
  • Canada's rate sitting at 72/1M
  • Global rate is 27.3/1M
  • US rate is 171/1M
  • Austria rate is 63/1M
  • Spain is 499/1M
  • Sweden is 223/1M

Notable points for today:

  • Spain's increase still under 1.5%. Their last 4 days in a row have been their best 4 days yet, which is excellent news.
  • Austria maintained it's excellent position with an increase again of just over 1%, more amazing news.
  • The rate of death in Canada increased slightly to just over 5%, which other than yesterday, is our best day since March 30, hopefully this trend continues!
  • The US dropped again, to well under 3%, the 2nd best day they have had since this all began
  • Sweden had a slight increase but still well under 4%.
  • Another very solid day all around, hopefully I can say the same thing tomorrow!





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